[oo-d-a] studio, inc.

We see our creative process as a means to explore an honest and responsive design whose spaces or objects are carefully crafted for the user. Our role is to successfully weave into the existing context. In our work, each partner, client, artist, & friend, plays an-integral role in helping make something great! We strongly believe that a proper design solution goes hand-in-hand with a higher-quality everyday life.

Our purpose is to develop, design / build & fabricate exemplary works of art.

[oo-d-a] studio, inc, is an all inclusive develop, design / build firm. Services include: feasibility studies, proforma, cost analysis, design, permitting, bidding, fabrication and construction.

Shortly after graduating with a Master of Architecture degree, owner Dominique Rene Houriet moved to Southern California aspiring to practice modern design and construction. In 2008 [oo-d-a] studio opened its doors.

The firm strongly bases its focus on responsive, contemporary designs. The solution is a direct response to user needs and the surrounding natural elements. With projects in the US and Mexico, [oo-d-a] studio is well known for its thoughtful craft in both the commercial and residential realm.

[oo-d-a] studio, Inc. also partners with developers to generate asset income properties in mixed use, multi family, hospitality, retail and entertainment.

Contact:             info@oo-d-a.com